Who Is Bang Bang? Meet the Tattoo Artist That Is Marking Hollywood in Ink

    While most of you might not recognize the name of tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, the chances that you have not seen his work are slim to none. Thanks to his dedicated clientele of Hollywood A-listers and celeb elites, McCurdy’s body art has made its way down high fashion runways, award-winning movie premiers and sold-out stadiums.

    Image: New York Magazine

    Known to the world by his self-appointed nickname, Bang Bang, McCurdy has earned his reputation as the tattoo artist to the stars. With regulars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber, the New York-based artist has had the honor of creating some of the most iconic tattoos to grace the red carpet. But it was not always glitz and glamour for the famed artist. Take a look at the rags to riches story which helped shaped Bang Bangs’s outstanding career.