Woman Gives Love a Second Shot After A Memory Loss Incident Almost Ended Her Marriage

Sun Aug 25 2019

Many of us may have only watched movies about people who are forced to move on in life after a serious case of memory loss. For Laura and Brayden Faganello, this was their reality. If you were ever looking for a tale that will restore your faith in the power of love, we’ve certainly found the one for you!

Memory is a seriously powerful thing, and sadly, Laura Hart Faganello was forced to recognize that the hard way. Through a lot of hard work, determination, and loving support from her husband, this young woman was able to overcome her incident, and not only discover true love, but find it for the second time in a row!

Making Acquaintances

Without much further ado, let us introduce you to the main stars of this heartwarming tale! If anyone ever tried to tell you that long-distance relationships don’t work, just listen to this couple’s story. Having recently moved to the Canadian town of Victoria, Laura Hart was met by a couple of kind strangers, asking her to complete one very specific request.

What did these guys ask Hart to do? Reach out to their cousin, Brayden, who was on a church mission in South Africa at the time. Sure, this may seem like an odd request. However, the cousins were almost certain that the pair would hit it off instantly. They were also sure that Laura would be won over by Brayden’s sense of humor.

A Beautiful Beginning

After thinking it over, Laura plucked up the courage and wrote to Brayden. What was the worst that could happen? She was moving in a few days to spend the summer with her parents in Brussels anyway. This meant she was not too concerned about getting a response back, even keeping the return address as her current Victoria home. Talk about playing it cool!

Let’s fast forward to June 3rd, 2015. In a positive turn of events, Brayden had written back! On Laura’s birthday, she received a call from her brother, who mentioned that the letter had been sent to her address in Victoria. After reading the note out to her, Laura couldn’t hold back the laughter. It turned out Brayden really was the funny guy his cousins had made him out to be!

The First-Ever Meet

It’s fair to say that Laura was won over by her new pen pal’s sense of humor. In fact, the pair got along so well that they continued sending letters back and forth to each other. For 8 months, Laura and Brayden would jokingly share handwritten stories each week. Over time, a beautiful friendship had blossomed between them. You can’t make this stuff up!

8 months is a pretty long time to be in contact with someone, so it’s only natural that the pair soon decided to take the plunge and meet face-to-face. At that point they were both back in Victoria, so it seemed like the right move. It may have been nervewracking at first, but the first encounter was a success! The pair also documented the whole thing on camera.

The Love Story Continued

After first setting eyes on one another, Laura and Brayden knew they wanted to see more of each other; so that’s exactly what they did! Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months before the pair eventually became inseparable. It’s safe to say that they had well and truly fallen for one another.

When we find someone that makes us feel good about ourselves, we keep them close to our hearts. Laura and Brayden began dating in January, and the relationship moved from strength to strength. How do we know this? 3 months later, Mr. Faganello took his bravery to the next level and proposed to Laura!

Touching Memories

Laura and Brayden’s relationship may have been moving pretty quickly, but when you know, you just know. Then on a warm summer’s day of June 15th, 2016, the pair were officially snapped tying the knot! For the first time, this woman was able to call herself Laura Hart Faganello, and we bet it must have been a great feeling.

It’s pretty remarkable to think that these two grew from being two strangers, merely exchanging letters between one another in separate parts of the world, to walking down the aisle and announcing their wedding vows to one another. It just goes to show, when you open your heart up to love, wonderful things can happen.

Lending A Helping Hand

We’ve pretty much covered how these lovebirds got together, now it’s time to get into the serious side of the story. After finishing her last exam for the semester, Laura was asked by a family friend to help set up for an event they were organizing. What initially seemed to Laura like a small harmless task, soon presented some challenges.

Where do we start here? If there’s one word for what Laura was met by when she entered the venue, it was mayhem. Everywhere she turned, the newlywed had encountered shattered glass, popped balloons and a tent that was nowhere near being able to stand up straight. Sadly, this wasn’t even the worst part.

A Sudden Twist of Events

As soon as Laura got stuck in with her duties at the venue, catastrophe struck. One thing the Canadian recalls from the day was that, is that despite the group of women working around it, a support pole from the tent never quite fit into place. However, she still trusted the coordinator’s judgment, so ignored the issue and got on with her job.

If only she’d said something sooner, as while she was arranging a table, things took a turn for the worst. The pole was still pretty unstable, and a gust of wind pushed it down, and straight towards Miss. Faganello Hart’s direction. The event happened so quickly that Laura had no time to react, and the damage had been done.

A Bitter Tragedy

Here comes the hard part. In the next couple of weeks, it became very clear that Laura’s memory was badly affected by the accident. Reflecting back on the event, the Canadian noted that her first clear thought after it all was being 17 years old again. What did this mean? She had no recollection of the last few years of her life.

Take a minute to put yourself in Laura’s shoes. It took just one freak accident to turn this woman’s life upside down, and she didn’t even know it. All of those years spent working towards graduating, pursuing a teaching career and meeting new people were gone. We can’t be the only ones having a hard time taking it all in.

Turning Back Time

Let’s set the scene a little more clearly for you. Laura’s last working memory was of being a teenager, still living in Belgium with her parents. At this point, all that she wished for was to return back to that period. She wanted to wear clothes she could remember purchasing, go back to her school, and continue her life as normal.

What makes this situation even worse? Both her and Brayden couldn’t seem to get a solid answer about what was going on. Time and again, doctors would shrug off their situation, putting it down to a concussion and providing them with very limited advice about moving forward.

The Scariest Morning Ever

Do you want to know the most frightening part of this story? For all she knew, Miss. Faganello Hart went by a different name altogether. That’s right, among the several other things the accident had taken away from her, it had ripped out her memories of ever even meeting Brayden, let alone getting married to him!

Most mornings, Laura would wake up in a panic. Can you imagine starting your day in bed, lying next to a guy you’d never seen before saying good morning to you? Utterly shocked and overwhelmed, the Canadian would rush over to the bathroom. This only created further upset though, as on one of the mornings Laura stumbled on her wedding album.

Setback After Setback

The next couple of years of Laura’s life weren’t easy. In fact, they were anything but easy; each day presented its new set of struggles and setbacks. Alongside the mental strain of her memory loss, the accident had impacted on her physical wellbeing. It had also prevented her ability to read and write coherently.

For some time, Laura struggled to think positively about everything. It was hard enough trying to come to terms with how much she had missed out on in her life. She was also being constantly reminded of an unfamiliar matrimonial union every time she looked down at the wedding ring placed on her finger.

Making Slow Progress

Over time, the missing pieces of Laura’s life story slowly began to present themselves again. It may have taken a while, but the Canadian eventually started to remember things about Brayden. Don’t get too excited though, that didn’t mean her marriage was in any way back to the way it was.

Sure, Laura may have started recalling fond memories of Brayden, but they lacked one key ingredient: emotion. As hard as she tried not to, Laura felt completely detached from her marriage and began to grow resentful of the awkward position she was put in. Being forced to love someone you barely know isn’t exactly easy.

Making Big Decisions

Here’s a little motivation if we ever heard it! After around the 2-year mark of her accident, Laura woke up with a new attitude. It was time to stop feeling victimized, and start making the most out of her life, no matter how much it had changed. The first step of this new move was to get back into education. It was time to start reading and writing again!

After tackling how to read and write, we began seeing some progress! She enrolled in two college classes, which was challenging but she pushed through it. Laura then spent hours spent studying and finally passed her first exams. Finally, things were beginning to patch up! If there was one person who felt prouder of Laura than us, it was that devoted husband of hers.

Keeping Distracted

Here’s the deal. It didn’t take long for Laura to recognize that her other half was struggling to get by with only one income. The harmful side-effects of the accident meant that Laura was unable to complete some basic tasks. This meant a full-time job wasn’t exactly on the cards. Despite this, she still thought of an effective way to spend her free time.

Before her accident, Laura knew she and Brayden were passionate about photography and videography; so why not make it professional? Using her laptop, Laura researched how to make a business in the wedding photography industry, while Brayden was at work. The next step to move forward in life involved her romantic past. Now, this was the tricky part!

Loving Support

It then dawned on Laura that she needed to make a choice about life with her husband, and she needed to make it quick. Should she stay with this stranger? Should she leave him and restart her life? These were the questions that had haunted her the past 2 years, but we have to give it to Brayden; his caring acts of love made her choice a whole lot easier!

So, how did this guy step up? From the first moment Laura woke up after the accident, Mr. Faganello reminded his wife that although she did not remember him, he remembered her. He was determined to do whatever it took to salvage their marriage; even if that meant writing her letters to try and get her to remember their best moments!

Back to Square One

Here comes the big moment. It may have taken some time to get there, but Laura had finally made her decision! It was an ordinary day at her home in Canada, when she popped out of bed and uttered the words to her husband: “Brayden, I want to date you.” As confused as he might have been, Brayden listened to his wife and took her up on that order!

Let’s get into Laura’s way of thinking for a minute. If she was going to try and make it work again with her husband, she needed to realize what was so great about him to make her fall in love in the first place. The pair soon went on a mini-golfing date, and they couldn’t stop the laughter! That first date soon turned into many. Romantic or what?

A Fresh Start

This tale truly is like something out of a movie. Over the duration of their dating period, Laura was starting to open her heart up to love, again! They got on like a house on fire, and no one could deny it. On the days that her husband went off to work, his Canadian wife was really starting to miss him.

Ok, so Laura may not have remembered a whole lot about her husband and the beautiful past they had shared, but she still felt like she’d hit the jackpot. Why? She was able to create all these new memories with Brayden, and a whole load of new, exciting feelings came with that.

A Powerful Message About Love

Not a lot of people would be brave enough to do what Laura did, could you? Despite all of her inhibitions at the start, she trusted her judgment and could sense there was something special about Brayden. Ultimately, she chose love over everything else, and boy did it work in her favor!

These two had started off as friends and slowly became lovers, all over again. Not only was Laura missing Brayden on the days he was at work, but she found herself bragging about him to anyone that would listen! It may have taken some time to get to this stage, but it was so worth it for both parties involved.

Popping the Question Again

Just when you thought this story couldn’t possibly get any more romantic, now get a load of this! It had taken just one summer of dates and re-getting to know each other for Brayden to be sure that he wanted to confirm things with Laura. How did he do so? By asking for her hand in marriage!

In the most sentimental way, Brayden took Laura to three different spots: the first was an outlook of the city, the second was the place he proposed to her the first time, and the third was where they had their first date. In each of these places, Brayden handed his girlfriend a love letter. It wasn’t until the third spot that he got down on one knee, and popped that question!

A Moment to Remember

This story could have turned out so different if Laura let her initial instincts take over. Brayden started off as a complete stranger and at first, Laura struggled to see a future with him. If there’s one thing you should take out of this remarkable tale though, it’s that love is not an overnight thing. It takes a lot of time, dedication and commitment to achieve.

Ok, so it may take some time, but Laura now knows all too well that if you work hard for love, you’ll soon see the benefits! Today, the couple are happier than ever and planning for their big wedding day. They also like to keep busy with their flourishing new business.

Pursuing Their Passions

Remember when we told you that Laura wanted to research how to get into the wedding photography business? It turns out, all that hard work of hers paid off. Now she and her fiancé have become quite the professional duo! The time has come to introduce you all to Faganello Productions; doesn’t it have a nice ring to it?

Living the dream has never looked so glamorous! Pairing this couple’s love for photography and videography with the wedding industry has generated them quite a lot of success. Laura and Brayden travel near and far to capture the most stunning moments of people’s big days, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

More Than a Job

In order to really thrive in your career, you have to love what you do. For Laura Hart Faganello, setting up the business was so much more than just getting a good angle, and finding a perfectly lit backdrop for a bunch of newlyweds. In fact, the whole purpose of her job links in quite well with her past.

So, what spurs this woman on? The constant reminder that while on the job, she is creating lifelong memories that these couples can look back on in years to come. Laura may not remember much of her own wedding, but she at least has the photos to imagine how happy she must have been. Time really is precious, so make as many memories as you can along the way!

Overwhelming Public Support

Social media can be a wonderful thing. Ever since Laura posted her story up on Facebook, the public response to her journey has just been incredible! Near and far, kind strangers have been captivated by this tale of how a woman managed to fall in love twice, and send her their well-wishes for the future.

As nervewracking as we’re sure it was for Laura to get so intimate with the public about such a stressful time in her life, it has totally worked out in her favor. Comments Laura has received range from congratulations on her and Brayden’s exciting new engagement to expressing their admiration for how far the Canadian couple has come over the tough few years.

Becoming Legends

If you were looking for a little more information on this story, Laura and Brayden have got you covered. Ever since Laura bared all through the Facebook post, they have been on a real journey around the globe, taking part in news stories, radio interviews, and even podcasts to get their story heard.

The world can’t get enough of this pair’s inspirational tale! Not only is Laura now commended for her strength and bravery, but you could say, she’s an inspiration to many. Why? Just think how many people are able to hear this story, and feel encouraged to go out and open their hearts to find love.